” Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. “

– Dean Kamen (American engineer, inventor, and businessman)

Innovation is, as it is often quoted, the main drive of human progress and prosperity. Knowing this, in 2015 we decided to establish VAURON, a Macedonia based company which finds, adapts and improves new and existing innovations. VAURON products are the resultof our dedication and the technical experience and intellectual know how of our various established business partners all around the world. This is how we manage to build top quality and high efficiency products at the right price.

Living in a polluted world, where the intentions for doing something for the environment usually do not make it far beyond the paper that they are written on, we have no choice but to take faith in our own hands and save ourselves. Our focus is on products that are proven to contribute to a higher quality of life, and deal with the pollution problems of two things we cannot live without, AIR and WATER.

The satisfaction of our costumers in our region shows that we have managed to stay truthful to our main goal, to innovate their living through highly efficient and well-designed products. We expect to expand the presence of our brand to all European countries starting with Germany by the end of 2018.